Dawn Lorraine

Spiritual Medium

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the light of your loved ones

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Welcome to my website.  Here is where I share something I am passionate about which I believe brings joy, healing and makes the world a better place.

I enjoy working with people to help guide and inspire them to fulfill their dreams and life purpose.  As a spiritual consultant, I use my intuition and training to assist others in reaching their full potential. As a medium, I connect with your friends and family who are on the other side we might refer to as in Heaven or in Spirit. 

I work with large and small groups as well as individuals, bringing messages of hope, comfort and understanding.  What a wonderful way to brighten one's day when we connect with the light of a loved one!

Over the years, I have been both a teacher and student of mediumship and psychic development.  As far back as I can remember, I have had an interest in things we could not understand and always felt in tune with my surroundings.

As a child, I was an avid mystery novel reader; always wanting to figure out the answer to the story. I wanted to be the one to help others.  I liked to find that person in the room no one was talking to and engage them in conversation. I worked and studied hard.  This was probably because my family always told me "You can do anything if you put your mind to it."

When in my late teens, I decided to "put my mind to" attending a psychic development class at a local college, because I heard about the class and it seemed interesting.  I was surprised to learn when I attended I had the ability to perform psychometry; a skill where an individual obtains impressions of the history of an object or its owner by coming into contact with it.  As time went on, I knew my calling was to learn more.  I decided to answer the call.

In 1999, my psychic abilities took a jump-start when I participated in an online forum where participants were allowed to practice their skills.  This was back in earlier years when we did not have all the videoconferencing options we do today. I began describing information I was receiving in this supportive environment.  Soon, people I did not know and could not see asked me if they could refer their friends and family.  

As I connected with people referred to me, I discovered I had the ability to sense and discern the feelings and life experiences of the persons I communicated with by zeroing in on life events, thoughts, or physical discomforts they experienced without any foreknowledge or coaching.  I did not need to be acquainted with an individual or to have them in the room with me to make a connection.  I learned to trust the information I received.

I made a stronger commitment to spiritual growth.  I joined a mediumship development circle in Southeastern, Massachusetts, and sought further instruction in the Spiritualist tradition of mediumship. After some time, I became interested in holistic healing, sought Usui Reiki training, and began hosting spiritual development classes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island while continuing to serve local churches, individuals and community organizations.

I have graduated from advanced and professional mediumship programs and am certified to teach Reiki. In addition to being an instructor of mediumship and Reiki, I have had the honor of serving as a guest medium and lecturer at religious services, social engagements and have been an active participant in many fundraisers over the years.  I am currently enrolled in spiritual development classes and will undoubtedly continue my studies in the future. 

I enjoy being of service to others and have learned so much from my clients, students and wonderful mentors.  I have taken classes, seminars and webinars with highly regarded professionals. The great thing about learning from many people is one may see different views and and benefit from each professionals' experience. There is always room to grow, too! 

I often say we are all teachers and students in our lives.  We are always learning and we never know it all.  I will be forever grateful for the gentle guidance received from all my teachers and for the lessons learned along the way.  

The years have flown. It's been a joy to work with people. Whether it be a one-on-one meeting, a house party or group event, religious service or other type of function, I enjoy what each day brings.

I am excited to see where my journey will lead me.   I have been told by clients my intuitive nature, sense of humor and ability to communicate clearly aids in providing readings they find uplifting, entertaining, informative and evidential. A healing medium provides clear and compassionate messages of love, healing and hope; supporting the belief that life continues after the change we call death. 

I welcome the opportunity to be a guest at your function, to provide in person or online individual or group readings, Reiki energy healings, classes or coaching sessions for your enjoyment and personal empowerment. 

As you navigate these web pages, please take a moment to read what my clients have to say.  Should you have any questions, wish to schedule an appointment or leave a testimonial to share, feel free to contact me.  

Thanks for visiting.  I look forward to being of continued service to you, your friends and family in the years ahead. 

Brightest blessings, 

Dawn Lorraine

“Pick a goal, aim for it and do it if you can. Believe in YOU and trust you will be guided to what is best. The path may not be what you imagined but be open to the little treasures you experience along the way".

Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland  :)